The desktop app is fine, the android app will not show new folders created on the desktop app

After adding and updating several folders using the desktop app on Microsoft One Drive (all of which are functioning fine)
I checked them out for access on my Android phone, none of the new folders will show up.
I have re synced the encrypted drive without any success, I have also uninstalled the Android app and re-installed it from a fresh copy from the play store all to no avail.

Can anyone tell me if they have this problem and if they found a fix?

Desktop app is on windows 10
Android app is on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Android version 13


Looks like a sync issue to me.
If you access your vault online with cyberduck, is the folder shown? If not then the folder is not online available and you have to check your sync setup.

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Hi, Thanks for the replies, they set me off looking for a problem other than Cryptomator and it turned out to be a sync issue with Onedrive.
All fixed and working as expected.
Appreciate the helpful hints…