Support ChromeOS File Manager Integration

I have been trying out the lates Android App on a Chromebook, and generally it works quite well.
However, for daily use it’s not really helpful, as it’s not integrated into the ChromeOS File Manager.

ChromeOS does offer certain deep integrations, for instance for VPN and File Systems.
Other Encryption apps like Boxcryptor support these kind of integrations.

See here for more information:

Unfortunately, i haven’t found the developer documentation on how to adapt the android app.
for the time being, using the ppa or AppImage works well enough. Although i have to share my local storage in the linux VM, decrypt and route the decrypted folder back to ChromeOS. Works, but it’s clunky.


Hi to the Cryptomator community :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. This could interest our Android expert @SailReal!

If you have an existing github account, you can also open a feature request on our development tracker:

HI @infeo and @SailReal,
i saw, that there was already a ticket open for that:

Maybe you can have a look. And if i can help, would certainly do that as well.

Hi @markaltmann!

According to some pages like as soon as we’ve implemented the “Allow vault access by other apps through DocumentProvider” feature, Cryptomator vaults are accessbile using the ChromeOS File Manger integration and you’re lucky, this feature is on our roadmap Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2020 :tada:

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Awesome information! I cross my fingers then, and wait for the upcoming release to hopefully support this :wink:

seems still not happening, after 2 years…