Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2020

Between all the work on Cryptomator, we need to remind ourselves to not forget about our regular updates post. While most of you have already noticed that we’re approaching a new major release of Cryptomator, I think it is time to inform you where we’re currently standing and what our roadmap looks like.

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Why is there no actual development in making the mobile apps functionally better?

Can we actually get something as basic as a preview of thumbnails or the ability to scroll through photos on the iOS app?

This current roadmap is honestly disappointing, what’s the purpose in doing all these backend overhauls when actual use of the app lacks basic functionality as a file explorer?

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Similar sentiment (but I do really appreciate all the work the devs are putting in to a polished experience and backend) — I’d like to see the option to “offline-sync” files and/or folders. There are a lot of times I don’t have online access.

It’d also be nice to have Resilio, Syncthing, and MEGA support on the mobile apps. All are services that we use daily.

That said? To be honest, I’m just thankful that this exists in the first place to be honest. You all are awesome and fabulous and beautiful and I’m proud to support this project (financially. When I can code worth anything, that too…) and share it with my friends.

Y’all stay rad. /)

Things are sounding good.

I can’t comment on the mobile apps and their functionality or not. I find I use Cryptomator as middleware. Our desktop systems to the cloud using backup software with Cryptomator doing the “crypto-ing” in the middle. I’ve just started testing ExpanDrive, which maps cloud storage to a local drive on your desktop.

One thought, as I have also looked at Mountain Duck and Cyberduck (who both use their integrated Cryptomator abilities), will the interoperability between Crypto 1.4 and 1.5 remain? In other words, if one storage solution uses Crypto 1.5 will we still be able to access it via Crypto 1.4?
Cheers, MadDogDean

All involved systems need some software that understands the new vault format. You can not migrate a vault using Cryptomator 1.5.0 and keep using Cryptomator 1.4.x on a different device to access the same vault.

The mobile apps (as well as Cyberduck and Mountain Duck) don’t migrate. Instead they are able to open the new and the old vault format.

Thanks @overheadhunter. In keeping with this thought, will there be a need to do anything to an existing 1.4 Vault when we start using 1.5?

I think that you also should focus on the usability of Photo Upload. I guess this feature is used by almost every user but the function is on a very poor level.
As you do not upload the folder structure and put all pictures in the root folder the function is for me (and I guess for many other) complete useless. I´m not into coding but I guess that would be a few lines of code only to fix that.

It will also be fine if I could chose wheter files will be deleted on the cloud after being deleted locally for example after 30 days.

But I still want to say thanks because I think the app is despite of that working like a charme!

Please add preview, atleast for images. It is really needed and offline sync is also good

in der Roadmap 2019 war noch die Rede von Unterstützung für Google Team Drives

Darauf warte ich seit der Installation eurer App.
In der Roadmap 2020 ist davon keine Rede mehr.
Wie ist hierzu die Planung ?


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