Sudden loss Data

Suddenly, there are no files in my vault. The vault contents indicates over 320 items utilizing over 650MB of data, so I believe Cryptomator is not reading the information.

The vault was originally created in Windows, later opened in Linux, upgraded to newest version in Linux, then attempted opening in Windows again, requiring an attempted version upgrade. The issue occurred when opening the last time with Windows.This text will be hidden

During the Windows upgrade, an error was received about visual studio not being the correct version, with the following link:

I downloaded this file:, allowing the app to install and open the vault, but it was empty.

I greatly appreciate any help getting back my data.

Hi. Can you please have a look into your log file if there are any WARN messages?

Does the unlocked vault still show data on the linux machine?

Due to an unfinished/incomplete sync it can happen, that Cryptomator creates a new in-vault root, causing that the whole vault will be displayed empty.

To test this, you need to find out which path in the vault storage location contains your vault root. On the computer, where the vault is not broken, unlock the vault and place a file inside it at the top directory. Your cloud provider should notify you that an (encrypted) file is uploaded. Its file path points to the vault root. On your other computer, where the vault is broken, check if this filepath is also present. (inclduing the file!)