Stores doc file in WPS


I use a Fairphone, Android 7.1.2. My Cryptomator Folder is located in the internal storage. It is been synchronised with my dropbox. Further, the Dropbox Folder is connected with my Cryptomator App of my PC.

In Android, I open a doc file, type a text, and store it.
But, it is stored in WPS Office. No changes in the Cryptomator Folder.
Do anybody knew this Issue?

On my PC, it works.


Microsoft has a bug and needs to fix it. See here

Yes, the Microsoft Office apps are still not fixed but if I understand @DaWoif correctly this is about the WPS Office app.

Just looked into the problem and found out that they copy the file to their internal cache and all changes will be made to this copied version of which we will not notice anything.

If I open a foo.docx using Cryptomator they copy the file to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/cn.wps.moffice_eng/.cache/KingsoftOffice/file/download/00e3d422-55ee-4419-bedd-3a12778a5dfc/org.cryptomator.fileprovider/foo.docx, all changes will be applied to this file but not our shared one and because of this it looks for Cryptomator like the file haven’t changed at all which doesn’t trigger the upload. If you reopen foo.docx again using Cryptomator, the file already exists in their cache, it will open and will falsely show the changed content.

…so it is quiet similar to the behavior of Microsoft apps but not identical :sweat_smile:

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