1.4.0 Still Not Saving Changes using Planmaker or TextMaker app

I just wanted to let you know that 1.4.0 is still not saving changes. I use Softmaker Planmaker HD and TextMaker HD to edit .xlsx and .docx files on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I tried both the Google Drive and the Local options. Neither saved my changes regardless of everything I tried. Is this a known issue? TIA

If you do not use the 1.4.0 beta2, its a known behavior.

Sorry to say but this is a known issue and there is no suitable workaround. Microsoft have to fix their apps :see_no_evil:.
More details about that: Opening files in microsoft apps still just read only in 1.4.0

Other apps should work but I know it’s a huge issue that the MS apps aren’t directly editable but as I said, there is no workaround :confused:

Edit: Well just recognized you aren’t using the MS apps, hmm okay than they have maybe a similar problem, will figure that out, thanks for reporting :+1:

Just installed those two apps and can confirm that the edited content after closing is gone but if I open it using the default files app of my Android device, it is exactly the same: Editing seems to work but if you reopen the file, the added/changed content is gone. Also with other apps like Nextcloud there is the same issue.

Sorry to say but they have also to fix their app (they also didn’t implement their ContentProvider in the right way).

Thanks guys! Would it be possible for you to describe in programmer’s language exactly what Softmaker needs to do, and I will report to them? I currently have to use Mega and the MegaSync app (125 AES end to end encryption) but I do not trust the security of either. It would be awesome to be able to utilize a fully functional Cryptomator!!! Again, thanks so much for your expedient replies!