Storage limit for google drive?

Hi. I am using Cryptomator with google drive. My google drive has unlimited storage. But when i make a vault, it only shows 99 gb. is there a limit or something. I am using Monterey on Mac m1.

Hi. I guess you are on windows and I guess you have configured WebDAV as volume type in the cryptomator settings.
If I am right: see here

You can change the volume type to FUSE (WinFSP) to avoid that.

@ Michael. I am on macos and i am using macfuse

Ok. The virtual drive does show the capacity of the local storage where your vault is stored local.
If there’s 99 GB of free storage on your system, then this is normal behaviour.

Oh ok thx for the info. But this mean that i can make as many vaults as i want right? @Michael

yes that is right.
No limits

Thank you for the help