Slow mounting and file access since upgrade

Since January 2021, I have been using Cryptomator on Windows 10 to maintain an encrypted folder on an old external Iomega HDD (E:) on USB connection. Currently 31.5GB, 96 Files, 50 Folders, mostly video and audio files. The virtual drive volume type is WebDAV, port 42427.

The folder was mounting as drive F:, and mounting and file access was quick, no delays.

Recently I manually upgraded to Windows app version 1.5.16 (exe-2831.223) (previous version number unknown)

When doing upgrade, I was informed that Dokany was outdated, but wasn’t in use anyway. I elected to continue installation without updating Dokany, then I manually uninstalled Dokany.

Now when mounting, the volume displays as the folder name (with underscores instead of spaces) followed by the network address in parentheses, and then the drive letter F: in parentheses, as shown in this screen grab. I preferred the shorter name, but, okay.

The hard drive accesses for about 10 minutes, as a progress bar in Windows Explorer crawls slowly and the file names slowly populate the window in Details view.

Even after this scanning process completes, double-clicking on an average 700 MB video file, it takes about 10 seconds to launch VLC Player and view the file. VLC is also sluggish in navigating the video.

I’ve removed and added back the Vault, run the installer again overtop the old, and added the recent version of Dokany this time, but it has not improved.

I’d like to go back to the previous good performance.

This indicates that you did use dokany in the past, because “short” names comes with dokany. WebDAV is named with the long WebDAV UNC path.
I recommend to try with Dokany again, or WinFSP

I just switched to Dokany and everything is back to normal. Thanks!
Amazing the difference in performance.

Can I ask… when you say you “just switched to Dokany”… did you do this on an existing volume? Did your data survive the “switch”…

Could you walk me thru the steps, I’m new to Crypomator.

did you do this on an existing volume?
Did your data survive the “switch”…

Yes and yes. Can’t remember if I dismounted first. I did reboot after.
Very simple to do:

  1. open settings,
  2. under Virtual Drive, change Volume Type

    If Dokany is not available, re-run the installer.

Or just install dokany. It’s a standalone software that can be used by other programs as well. It just provides a file system.
Dokany can be downloaded here: Releases · dokan-dev/dokany · GitHub

After install, just restart Cryptomator and the option will be available.