Slow Copying with Teracopy

When I move files with Windows Explorer I get nominal speeds of 30-50 MiB/s, however when I move with Teracopy, it slows down to 1 MiB/s.

Is this a known issue? Any alternatives to Windows Explorer that automatically resolves errors, file conflicts?

I have tested this with a M.2 SSD, SATA SSD. I am using Google Drive File Stream.

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When you turn on debug logging (just for a few moments) while copying with Teracopy, does the log file contain any messages with FILE_NO_INTERMEDIATE_BUFFERING?

Another test: If you downgrade to Cryptomator 1.4.11, is it faster?

User Krytpi reported, that enabling „Use system write cache“ in teracopy preferences solved his speed issues.

I do see that flag. I downgraded to 1.4.11 and it increases from the mentioned 1 MiB/s to 20 MiB/s (from a HDD).

CreateDisposition – CREATE_NEW
accessMasks – EnumIntegerSet(elements=[GENERIC_READ, GENERIC_WRITE])
fileAccessMasks – EnumIntegerSet(elements=[NORMAL])
fileAttributes – EnumIntegerSet(elements=[NORMAL]).

I think that is no longer an option in preferences. Is there another way to enable it?

We will see if there is a better way to deal with this flag. Related GitHub issue: