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I’m new to Cryptomator, I’m working on a project with a collaborator and we require a secure place to store our shared files and notes.

I’ve set up a Vault that we’re both able to access, but I was wondering if Cryptomator could safely store Google Docs as well – as we’re building shared documents together and commenting on/annotating each other’s work. Is a Google Doc stored in a Vault as secure as another (non-cloud-based) file? I worry that it would still be accessible if someone had the right URL, but I could be wrong in this regard.

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Hi and welcome!

Short answer

No, Google Docs will not be encrypted!

Detailed answer

If you take a look at the files, Google Docs creates, using a text editor: They merely contain an URL to the web application which then loads the content from a Google database.

If you store such files in a Cryptomator vault, you will simply encrypt the hyperlink. The contents are stored online in Google’s databases and are not part of the file. Therefore they will not get encrypted by encrypting the file.

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Thanks so much! I figured that was the case but just wanted to confirm it.

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