S3 authentication problem

Hello, and thanks for adding the S3 object storage. I have a question regarding the “Display Name” for my Filebase account, I don’t see one in my user profile, therefore I am not sure what to enter in the Android Cryptomator app. I have tried using my email, completing the setup then getting an “Authentication Failure” Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!

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The “Display Name” is only the name of the cloud connection to identify it again. In S3 there it is not possible to use an email and URL combination or something like that. That’s why the user need to specify a name which identifies this cloud connection but it is only stored in the local database and not used for something else. That means your “Display Name” isn’t related to this problem.

Currently we still need the “Allow List All Bucket Names” scope, maybe this isn’t granted to this credentials? We’ll remove this scope soon. If this isn’t the problem too, please enable debug mode, reproduce the authentication and send us after that the log file: How do I enable debug mode on Android?