Restoring data after hard drive crash with loss of directory structure

Hi there, I recently had a hard drive crash and only one vault wasn’t backed up (this one). I managed to restore most of the data with a recovery tool. However, the directory structure of many folders has been corrupted, so I have a folder with subfolders like 2D 2E etc. and then a lot of cryptomator files.

Is there ANY chance I’m able to restore the files? I managed to restore the vault files (both), but when opening, they throw an error (understandably).

Should I try and create the folder structure with the vault files and the subfolder d, placing everything inside? Or would that potentially corrupt things more? Not that that’s possible.

Would love to hear from anyone who has been through this…


Same question was asked 4 days ago. see here my answer: Reorder Encryted files (folder and order lost)
In short: Im afraid no. The vault structure can not be restored based on the files only.

You can try. More that “destroyed” is not possible. And as your vault structure is already destroyed, feel free to play around. Maybe a backup of the mess is still a good idea though. Just in case someone else has a better idea than me.