Reorder Encryted files (folder and order lost)

Please help me, i’ve lost my backup!

Good morning. I’m using drive for mac and Cryptomator for mac m1.
I cutted and pasted (not the best thing to do, i know) a folder into my encrypted volume of cryptomator (the “decrypted” visualization interface).
The encripted version is locaded in the Google Drive istance.
While synchronizing with drive, some files where’t uploaded.

I have those files but i don’t know what folder do they belong. I know the password and the recovery key. When i try to mount the volume on Cryptomator i find some errors.

Is it possible to reconstruct a volume using only the files (all of them) and the password\passphrase but without the folders older?

How can i decrypt every single file using the password\passphrase?

Each encrypted file corresponds to a single unencrypted file or there may also be several joined files?


Im afraid there’s no other way than to restore your vault from a backup.
There’s no function to recreate a vault based only on the files in the vault and the password. At least I don’t know about it.