Restored vault error

Hi, I create a Vault with Cryptomator 1.3.1 on Windows 10 and I’m testing it. The vault works fine, I can open it many times without problems; then I simulated a crash on my system and restored the vault downloading it from my web space. Now the vault opens and I can correctly see the list of files it contains, but when I try to open any of the files I get the error “a device connected to the system is not running”.
The same thing happens if after creating the vault I move it from one disk to the other of my computer or from my computer to another one, so if it was not a simulation I would have lost all my data. As long as the vault remains in the same location as it was created, everything works.

I’m not familiar with this error message. Could you please look inside the log file if there is a more detailed description of the error?

That’s really weird because this should actually work. A Cryptomator vault is actually just a folder. You can rename the folder or even move the folder to another location. Well, you can’t really do that while Cryptomator is running because it won’t find the new location. In that case, you have to remove the vault from the vaults list in Cryptomator (by pressing the “-” button) and re-add it from the new location (by pressing the “+” button and selecting “Open Existing Vault”).

Here the log

Yes, I done so, I removed the vault from the vault list and I re-add from the new location. The strange thing is that I see the file list inseide the vault but I’m unable nor to open single files nor to copy from the vault and past outside

Hi, problem solved. The error was caused by the transfer between the computer and the server, since it was in non-binary mode. Forcing the binary transfer all works. Thank you.
Great software!

Fantastic! Glad you figured it out. I assumed something similar because of the authentication errors in the log file. :slight_smile: