RC1.5.0 RC1 issue with Windows 10

When you run the file, the tray icon is visible.
The program window is not visible.
It works fine in 1.4.x.

Hello to the Community :slight_smile:

Do you mean that Cryptomator starts “hidden”, i.e. when you start the application, only the tray icon is visible but not the main window? And are you able to open the main window?

Only the tray icon is displayed and the main window is not.

The main window cannot be opened for setup and control.

Double-click the tray icon, but the main window does not open.

Any error in the log file? Can you open the settings window (via the tray menu)?

Right-clicking on the tray will bring up the menu, but clicking will not show the menu screen.

There is no particular error.
Where can I see the logs?


Let us know if you find any warning or errors there. You can also post it here. And if you have privacy concerns about posting your log file, you can upload it for example at Firefox Send and send us the link via a PM.