Question of understanding: Cryptomator and pcloud

Do I understand correctly that my files encrypted with cryptomator are always synchronised locally? My intention was to store my files in pcloud only in the cloud.

That’s correct for the desktop app.
To access you vault directly online you can use this:

However, pCloud works differently than Onedrive, for example. If I create the Cryptomator container directly in drive “pCloudDrive (P:)”, pCloud stores all data only online in the cloud. This is how pCloud works and has nothing to do with Cryptomator. If you want to have the data offline as well, you have to use the “sync” function in pCloud.

It is important that the pCloud desktop app is already started before Cryptomator starts, otherwise Cryptomator will of course not have access to its container, as it is not available offline.

Thank you for this tip!