Proper Update Process (Windows)

Sorry for a more amateur question, but I believe I’m having an issue where Cryptomator is not checking for updates automatically, and I want to be meticulous if I have to update manually. I’m on version 1.4.15 and haven’t seen any option/alert to update via the application. I am wondering:

  • Is the ‘check for update’ feature currently implemented, or does it just direct you to download from the site?
  • What is the safest process for backing up Cryptomator drives and updating? Is it as simple as running the updated .exe?
  • If running without issue, are there any recent security vulnerabilities or stability issues that would make it inadvisable to wait until a later release?


The latter one.
But it is implemented, only not as thou thought. “Checking for updates” is doing exactly what it says: It checks for updates. It does not install them.

Do you mean updating your vault because the encryption of the files changes or just updating Cryptomator? You need to differ between those two.

For the first case: Cryptomator will show you a confirmation dialogue for each vault, it does not update your vaults automatically. The update will take some time, since all files in your vault must be touched. In general this procedure will be save, since we have thoroughly tested before putting it into a stable version.

Edit: The following paragraph does not apply for updating from a version < 1.6.0 to 1.6.x
For the second case: Just install the newer version. You do not have to uninstall the old one and your vaults will not be touched, so you do not need a backup for this process.

So in the end, I guess it is just running the updated program.

For the first, i don’t know any current security vulnerability. In the second case, some people experienced stability issues in the past, but 1.4.15 is a stable version. Just stay updated on the third party projects for MacOS (FUSE for MacOS) and Windows (Dokany). Also you might want to have a lookt onto our bug tracker.

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Thanks a bunch - it’s much more clear to me now. That being said, the application has never displayed update notifications for me, which is why I was unsure how the feature was implemented. I checked Windows Firewall, and it appears to have blocked any inbound connections from Cryptomator (I did not configure this manually).

Thanks for pointing out the distinction between updating the encryption method vs. the application. Is Dokany packaged with the Cyptomator installer? Or does it need to be updated separately?

It’s not packed atm in the update process. Only if you install from scratch (or if you uninstall your existing dokany Installation before updating Cryptomator)

I tried updating using the procedure you described. However, it is asking me to uninstall the previous version before I could install the new one on Windows.

Well, this thread is 2 years old. A lot has changed. This includes the update process from 1.5.x to 1.6.x.
You have to uninstall the old 1.5.x Version before you can install 1.6.x

Ah is that only for major updates? I just did it and it was pretty annoying, because the uninstallation wiped my supporter key and all the vaults from the app (so I had to re-add everything). I also had to update the vaults themselves which was quick and easy. I came here to ask about this :slight_smile: But I was on 1.5.something.

But minor updates on the 1.6.x branch will just need to be installed on top of the old one? That’s not too bad then.

I updated my answer to exclude the pre 1.6.0 to 1.6.0 case. And for everyone else stumbling over it:

Due to a change of the installer technology (from exe to msi), updating Cryptomator from a version prior to 1.6.0 to a 1.6.x version, the old Cryptomator app has to be uninstalled.