Problems with Version 1.4.10

When I installed version 1.4.10 a few days ago and started Cryptomator for the first time the password for a tresor wasn’t accepted (I entered it with copy and paste from KeePass 2). Anyway it should have been entered automatically, but that didn’t work. Onbly after closing and restarting the program did it work again.
Second: This morning, when restarting my PC I got a warning that my system partition is full - and I had there more then 60 GB of free space. After some research I found out that there were some really big Cryptomator LOG files. The biggest with 40 GB, another with 20 GB, one with nearly 4 GB, …
They even were to big to open them.
I never experienced this with Cryptomator before - only LOG files of some KB.
What can be the cause for this? What’s going wrong?
Thanks for your hints and tips

Is it possible that you have debug mode enabled? If not, delete the log files, open Cryptomator with an open vault for a short time, and check if there is anything suspicious in the log file while it’s small enough to be opened.

Yes, I had enabled Debug mode, but untill now this was no problem. Anyway i dissabled debug mode now.

In the new LOG file there is only one message, that I am not sure about:
It is this line:
11:08:22.467 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO o.c.ui.controllers.MainController - Unable to setPreferencesHandler, probably not supported on this OS.
My OS is WIN10 64 bit