Please explain the settings panel


Could you please explain the settings in this panel or give me a link to a document that explains the settings…

Thank you.

These are the general settings which apply to all vaults/ the application.

  • The uppermost text shows the version of Cryptomator you are currently running.
  • “Check for Updates”-Checkbox: Here you can decide, if with each start Cryptomator checks if it is still the current version and if not, will inform you about this fact
  • “Debug Mode”-Checkbox: Enables or disables debug logging. This is helpful if you stumble upon an error and need help. The location of the log files can be found here. Keep it disabled if you do not need extensive logging.
  • “Preferred Volume Type”-Dropdown menu: In this setting you can select which technology is used to provide your unlocked vaults. FUSE is a newer, faster and more integrated approach, whereas WebDAV is the legacy, but very stable technology.
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