pCloud -> Cryptomator: "Unlock vault when starting Cryptomator" not automated on startup

The problem:
Cryptomator tries to unlock the vault too soon/before pCloud had the chance to fully syncronize.

The solution:
Only let pCloud autostart when booting the Computer - then manually start Cryptomator.
→ Auto Unlock works

The permanent solution
Rewrite the code of Cryptomator in a way that it tries several times to unlock the vault on pCloud? That it waits until pCloud is fully syncted?
It would only need to wait a fraction of a second…

Workaround: you can start Cryptomator with a batch file and set a delay in the batch file.

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Hi Michael!

Thanks very much for the help, will try that!

My personal solution:
Just found that neat little programm for macOS: “Delay Start”

I configured it to delay the start of Cryptomator → now pCloud has enough time to sync the Vault before Cryptomator tries to unlock it.

Thanks again Micheal for the inspiration. :+1:

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