Feature request: Delay opening/mountin vault until Internet/storage is availble

I had an issue this morning with a Cryptomator Windows client. The client is set up to start at boot and unlock the vaults mounting them as a drive letter, which works totally fine opening the client manually while windows is already running. If I go through a full reboot though, it seems I run into a minor issue with the automatic unlock/mounting.

The device is set with permanent (killer switch) setting so no Internet connectivity is available until the VPN is fully established.This means that the morning log-in process will go through:

  • Wait until the VPN boots up
  • Delayed MEGA cloud client opening (MEGA client would do this by default)
  • Cryptomator starting but it seems a bit too early

I would have though Cryptomator would take this scenario in mind and either allow for a delayed start or perform a Vault target-cloud reachability test before kick off.



The Mega client just syncs the cloud storage. Cryptomator should not bother whether the client is running or not as you vault files should be available offline (or am I missing something?). Also in your case, cryptomator does not know that you are using mega as storage provider out of so many others that are available. So it cannot wait for the mega client specifically.
What is the error message if you launch cryptomator without a internet connection?

Regarding delayed start:
As long as this function does not exists, a batch file with a delay and call of cryptomator.exe should be a feasible workaround.