Open File security warning in Windows pop-up because file in a location outside your local network

Hi, in Windows, once I have unlocked my vault and I want to open a .txt file, I have this annoying warning message:

What should I enter into trusted site to avoid this ? (you can access this dialog via: Win+R | inetcpl.cpl )

I have tested but it does not change anything.

Instead of changing your trusted websites, you can use Winfsp instead of WebDAV:

How do you actually use this ?
I have looked in Cryptomator preferences and I only have WebDav:

You read the linked article completely. (Hint: you need to perform step 1)

" 1. Download and execute installer from the WinFSP homepage: Download · WinFsp (skip this step if you installed Cryptomator via the EXE installer)"

I have installed Cryptomator (cryptomator-portable-win64-1.6.10-10-setup.exe) from Portapps - Cryptomator portable
It is a .exe, does it has WinFSP ?

No, not … this executable installer.

To quote the website:

The portable app is a community effort and not officially provided and maintained by Skymatic.

I updated the linked post that only if you have used the offical EXE installer, you can skip the step. Thanks for pointing that out.

I understand, I do not have WinFSP installed with my Cryptomator Portable installation.
But if I install it from it is no longer a portable apps :cry:

Is there a way to install your official Cryptomator .exe as a portable apps ?
I am asking because for VLC Media Player, an other open source project, you can install a portable version,

  1. either via their portableapps partner

  2. or directly from website by just adding a subfolder ‘./portable’ inside the application directory (How to Get Portable Version of VLC Media Player for Windows)

Since I am not able to use WinFsp, I have to use Webdata.
What should I enter into trusted site to avoid this security warning ?

Not that i know of. Additionally, Winfsp is a system driver, it cannot be portable.

Winfsp is a system driver, it cannot be portable.

Makes sense, so it can only work from an official Cryptomator installation, not from the Cryptomator portable edition.

What should people enter as trusted URL to get no warning when using Cryptopmator with WebDav?