Open Exisiting Vault "Error Occured"

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I created a Vault on Windows. It is located in a local directory which is synced to Google Drive. I also use a sync tool on a Linux computer to get the vault to a local directory. I can open there the vault without any problems. I also sync the vault to my Android phone. There I can unlock it, however, if I try to access the files a message is displayed “Error occured”. The size of the vault is approximately 150MB.

I tried to create new small vaults for testing. In this case it works on all systems. Is there a size limit on Android? Or is this some kind of other issue?

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Hey and welcome in the community :slightly_smiling_face:!

A size limit depending on the memory of your Smartphone exists :wink: but from Cryptomator’s point of view no different than with desktop…that seems to be another problem, can you please send us your log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

That could help.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will send you the log-file to your support email address.

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Thanks for the log file.

A folder in our v7 vault normally looks like this:

├─ d
│  ├─ BZ
│  │     ├─ FHTa55bH*sUfVDbEb0gTL9hZ8nho.c9r
│  │     │  └─ dir.c9r

But in your Cloud one of folders doesn’t have a dir.c9r file inside. Currently the Android app doesn’t continue the listing but it should only skip this folder, log a warning that there’s a folder without a dir.c9r file and continue to try to decrypt the rest of the folder. We will fix this in the next version.

The dir.c9r file is required to find the content of the folder. Can you please make sure, that you synced the complete vault to the cloud because that could be the problem why there’s a folder without a dir.c9r file because all folders must have this file.

Thank you very much for your answer! I unlocked the vault on the desktop client and after some searching found a kind of corrupt file. I deleted it and waited for completion of synchronisation to Google Drive. After that, I synched to my Android with Google Drive. And now I could unlock the vault and the files are displayed!
I moved from Dropbox to Google Drive and the used synchronisation client (OverGrive) takes longer than the old Dropbox clients for synchronisation. This could have been the reason.
Again, have many thanks!

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