OneDrive Ransomware Protection kills Cryptomator - please support!

Hi Folks,

Microsoft OneDrive has a function called “Ransomware Protection”. This function checks all files in your cloud and forces you to regard files which where encrypted by 3rd party tools like Cryptomator.

When you dismiss checking your (encrypted) files, they will be removed after 30 days!

I have contacted Microsoft support. They told me, that this is a known issue which can’t be turned off.

They also told me that there was an UserVoice feedback survey, which suggests to turn the RansomWare Protection to an optional feature.

I think it woud be very helpful to support this suggestion. You can find the survey here: Add the ability to disable ransomware recovery

Microsoft will regard this suggestion when >500 voices are reached. I think this will be a good think and i would kindly ask to support this.

It would also be very helpful if Cryptomator officially supports this survey (i.e. facebook, Twitter). I know that is something like a “political issue”. But i also think that this is a very high risk - if this makes school, every infrastructure for self-driven encryption tools is destroyed!

Kindly regards,
Joerg Kalisch (Germany)

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention (again)! Just posted on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully, we’ll get over 500 votes. :crossed_fingers:


Hi Tobi,

thanks for quick reply and your support. I think, this is a very big issue and a high risk for private decryption.


This is not as bad as it sounds. I’ve summarized the OneDrive behaviour here:

When you dismiss checking your (encrypted) files, they will be removed after 30 days!

This is flat out wrong! Nothing will be deleted.
What Microsoft does is warn you. Nothing more. They *think * that your files have been encrypted and that you lost access. They remind you as a courtesy about their 30 days backup, from which you can restore the files. That’s it. They are just trying to be helpful. Read the screenshots in my reddit post from march.

Note the very last paragraph:

Update 2020-03-18

You can not turn the warnings off. But you can choose to ignore the warnings and mails. After the third mail Microsoft gives up and sends you a „Last Warning“ mail and the shuts up. After that you can even use the GUI without being prompted.

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