OneDrive & Files on Demand (Fall Creators Update)

Hi folks,

I could not wait and already installed the Fall Creators Update yesterday. I like the new OneDrive “Files on Demand” function very much. But to my surprise, Cryptomator does not like this features / the new client apparently.

So, using the freshly updated Windows 10 (1709) and Cryptomator 1.3.1, Cryptomator did not show my vault in the list anymore. When I try to re-open it, it was not added to the list. The complete folder directory of my vault is setup to be kept offline, so I thought it was not a difference to the previous Windows / OneDrive version.

I copied the vault to a ‘real’ local folder and it was no issue at all to add and open it…

Is anybody else seeing this problem?
Unable to use OneDrive with Files On-Demand enabled might be the same issue, but not sure if it was followed up?

Thanks and best regards

Okay, bpfeif01 seems to have the same problem and opened a 2nd topic:

Let’s keep the discussion in the other thread because more people answered there.