Onedrive Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen

I have cryptomator 1.7.0 running on WINDOWS11 and that works perfectly well. One vault is located on Onedrive for business.
When I want to access the files in that same vault on my Android phone I get an error message “onedrive Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen” (authetication failed). ( do not find any location where I could change the OneDrive credentials. )
When I try to add a new vault on my phone and select OneDrive, the same error appears. I
However, opening OneDrive on that phone works fine. So I am authenticated with my windows365 account.
Any idea?

Hi Klaus,
have you tried to delete the OneDrive connection and set it up again? You can do this in the app settings.
(Settings → cloud services)

Hi Klaus,

Can you please enable debug mode, try to open the vault again and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

Any news on this issue? I have the same problem…