Office Files Do Not Open

Hello Support and Dev Team,

First, I would like to convey my gratitude to you for this brilliant product.
I have been using Cryptomator on my Android phone and Windows machines and I am extremely pleased with it.
Many thanks.

Lately noticed that I am unable to open Office docs (Word, Excel files). When I double click on the Office file in the mounted WebDav drive, I get the Office program logo and the wording “Starting” and it hangs like this indefinately:


Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?

Does anybody else from the readers experiencing the same?

I seem to be able to open any other types of files (pdfs, for example).

I am on version 1.3.5.

Thank you.

It’s an issue with windows WebDAV and Office upload center.
Workaround and link to 1.4beta2 that support dockany:

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply, Michael!