No Upload/Save possible to Cyptomator-Vault (on onedrive) from iOS

Cryptomator-App iOS 2.5.2 (1228), lifetime license (14,99€)
iphone 13, iOS 17.5.1
Vault on OneDrive (2FA)

In the past I had no problem to save a file (eg a scan) from my iphone to the vault.
At the moment, if I open the filemanager I can see all my former stored files in the vault (an can open them), but regarding new files I want to save, I can only see the Filemname and the date, followed by error and an exclamation mark within the cloud symbol. Also a red do-not-enter sign (as for a one-way road).

What is wrong? I restarted the iphone already, no change.
Thanks a lot for your help


I‘m seeing the same error when trying to add files to my vault using the Files app. Also while creating folders seems to be possible, I can’t actually open them, getting an error saying the folder contents can’t be displayed because of an error.
Already tried rebooting, re-installing the app, disconnecting OneDrive.
iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17.5.1, Cryptomator App version 2.5.2

I tried to create a folder as you did - same issue. The folder is created. But when I try to open it, I receive an error-message: “content not available - unknown error” or similar as it is a translation from german.
It’s weird, as it works perfectly for a long time and I do not know what I have changed since then (except Update iOS).

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Does no one have an idea or the same issue?
I deleted the app and installed it again - no success.
I tried with other vaults - no success.
It is impossible to store any file - always an error is shown.
One can create a folder, but not use it.
Very annoying and frustrating. It was working perfectly, but now the app is useless!