No QNAP-NAS WebDAV access with Android

I get WebDAV access to the local NAS not start in the Cryptomator.

Android 9 with Cryptomator 1.10.0

NAS QNAP QT-120 currently
Already set up/activated:
NAS with WebServer WebDAV Port HTTPS 5001

Fritz Box 7590 up-to-date
Windows 11 up to date with F-Secure

Entry in Cryptomator:
user abcdf
Password 123456789

After executing, the error message appears: “An error has occurred”

Test alternative:
WebDAV access via Android TotalComander in the local network is ok!
and also via mobile data with VPN is ok!

Regardless of whether the port release 5000-5001 in the Fritzbox is activated or not.

What else could I change?

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file