No enought disk space

I read some earlier posts that says there is no limit to file size… I am having a problem and I wonder what could be the cause.

I am not able to copy a 2.08GB file from my desktop to my vault. I got the error that there is not enough disk space. However, I am 100% sure disk space is not the reason because I can copy it to the “locked” folder; that is the folder that has the file “masterkey.cryptomator”.

My vault is on my NAS.

Any advice?

Hi Leon.
Are you on windows?
If yes, I assume this might be the reason:

In short: windows shows the system partition free space as free space also for the WebDAV network drive, although this is not true. Unfortunately a bug that can not be influenced by cryptomator.
There are actually 2 workarounds:

  1. some people reported that using teracopy helped (see post I have linked)
  2. the alpha version of cryptomator 1.4 allows use of FUSE instead of windows WebDAV. That might solve the disc space issue, but please keep in mind that it is alpha (!) and therefore not finally tested.
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Yes, I am using Windows… I tried teracopy… It does not work for me. I received the same warning msg. If I ignore it, it still does not copy.