Help with cryptomator cloud and hdd space

Hi im using cryptomator to upload to google drive, the problem is that it is filling also my C: drive, the vault is only 122gb (my c: free space), im using “backup and sync from google” so i can have a local folder (i dont know how to upload with cryptomator to drive if its not that way) and is uploading, once it finish will i have space to continue uploading? how can i set the “vault” space to another disk so it fills while is uploading?

Please read this regarding WebDAV and free space on system partition: No enought disk space
If you want to change the location of your vault, copy the complete folder where you find the masterkey files with all its sunflowers to the new location.
Then open cryptomator, select the vault and press „-„. This will delete the vault from the list. Then press „+“ to ad the vault again, but select your new location of the vault.

To ensure that your vault is synced to gdrive, open the gdrive backup and sync app, and select your new vault location as sync source.