Newbie Question about OneDrive and Cryptomator


Great piece of software, thank you!

My company gives me 5TB of OneDrive storage. I would like to use this storage to securely store 800GB of my photos and videos (without the company taking a peek).

However, my boot drive (C:) is where the OneDrive folder is located and it only runs to 200GB. I have set the OneDrive to “Free Up Space” on for the Vault. But, how can I get the 800GB of photos into the vault when my local HDD isn’t able to hold that much data?

Hope you can help. And thanks again!

PS - I am using Win 10 on a desktop PC.

If you have anywhere else enough free space, you can create your vault there and configure the OneDrive App to use this path as sync folder.
If not I do not see a way to do this with Cryptomator desktop. But you can give cyberduck a try if you want to create/access a vault directly online in your OneDrive storage (then of course without the sync of the OneDrive app).

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Thank you very much indeed, Michael.

CyberDuck looks like it’s exactly what I need.

Much respect brother :pray:

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