Multiple files upload fails

Uploading multiple files in the desired folder after opening the vault is not working. Files are not getting uploaded. While using google drive, some individual files with .Ing extension are present in the mail google drive directory. Selecting single files works well. Additionally, sharing multiple files to cryptomator from file manager is not working and leads to the same issue. I’m not sure whether this .Ing files are being created by Cryptomator. Please help!

Hey and welcome in the community :slight_smile:!

If you are uploading a lot of files or very large files it should work if you do not leave the app and also prevent the screen from turning off. Does this help?

Actually not. The files that I was trying to upload were PDFs with each around a 100 kb. That’s all. And the screen was not turned off.

Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?