Multi station access to vault

Hi everybody.
A Happy New Year first of all…
I try to get one ore more vaults acting as a safe heaven in the cloud which can be accessed by multiple users/computers.

  1. scenario: an Excel file with passwords on Dropbox accessible by one Dropbox account owner from multiple desktops and Android phones.

  2. scenario: a family container on Dropbox accessible from different independant desktops and mobile phones.
    Are these scenarios possible and if so how do I realize it.

A step by step HOWTO would be appreciatedor a reference in case I did not find an existing one.

Thanks for help.

You can access any vault on any device as long as:

  1. Cryptomator is installed
  2. you have Access to the online storage Account where the vault is stored.
  3. you have the vault password.

How to use cryptomator: English Desktop User Manual
How to install cryptomator: English Installation Manual
Video Guide:
Knowledge Base: