English Installation Manual




To download Cryptomator, visit https://cryptomator.org/downloads. Downloads for all supported operating systems are available. At the bottom of the page download links for previous versions are listed.

If you use Windows and you are not sure if you need the 32 or 64 bit version, try to install the 64 bit version first. If this does not work, use the 32 bit version.



Launch the downloaded .exe file and follow the setup as usual. Afterwards Cryptomator can be launched through the start menu.


Open the downloaded .dmg file, accept the license, and drag & drop Cryptomator onto the applications folder.

In case the application is blocked by Gatekeeper, please contact Apple for support how to change Gatekeeper to mode „Mac App Store and verified developers“.


Install the downloaded .deb or .rpm file using your package manager. During installation a launcher for Cryptomator will be created in the menu.

For experts: There are alternate ways of installing Cryptomator, such as an AUR and a PPA repo. You’ll find the coordinates for both on our aforementioned downloads page.

Jar File

:warning: Warning: We do not recommend inexperienced users to use the JAR version because it shares a Java Runtime Environment with the other programs installed and is not isolated from the rest of the system if a vulnerability in the JVM is exploited (e.g. by browser plugins).

Copy the JAR file to a location of your choice. Ensure that Java with version 8 or higher and the JCE is installed. In some systems Cryptomator can be launched by double clicking or, as an alternative, using the command

java [OPTIONS] -jar Crypomator-x.y.z.jar

Read more about possible command line options.