MS Office creates tmp-files on cryptomator vault

Having version 1.4.15 installed for a while on different PCs/Windows versions I see the following problem:

Windows 10: MS Office 2010 creates tmp-files of opened documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and these files do not disappear after closing the application. So tmp-files are piling up in the working directory where the office file(s) are opened. I have to delete them manually.

Windows 7: Not seen the problem above but I can’t open and modify a Kee pass file anymore ! I have to copy the file to a local directory where I may modify it and then I can copy it back to the cryptomator vault. Kee Pass 1.x claims about missing permissions to store the file after modification.

Any ideas on these two issues ?

I’ve seen a similar topic here but I think it’s not the same problem. I’m allowed to store the office files after modification.

Office issue:
Please check and update your dokany version (I guess you are using dokany)

See here

Keepass issue:
Let me stress that there is no additional security by storing your already encrypted keepass file in an encrypted Cryptomator vault. So there is no need to store a keepass database in a Cryptomator vault.
But, your issue might a write protection.
See here

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