Mobile App no longer reading files

I use Cryptomator desktop app for encrypting my files on google drive and have been using the Android to app to be able to view these files on the go. About 4 weeks ago, the android app stopped showing any new files added via the desktop app. When I go through the desktop app, the new files are still there, and saved but no longer visible through Android app.

I have paid for the android app, and emailed for support but to no avail. I’m not massively techy but does anyone have any suggestions as to why there’s an error in syncing to mobile device or what I can try? Many thanks! Mel

My first idea would be: Have you checked if your Google Drive synchronization client is running on your PC and has synchronized everything?

I have google file stream on my pc, and I have checked the files have synced.

Can you please connect with cyberduck to you vault online and have a look if your new files are available there?

Im with @SailReal and would suggest that not all vault files are synced to your online storage.

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