macOS Security Warning on password entry


Hey, it’s always nice to have some text :wink: for example which macOS are you using? or which cryptomator version?
But nonetheless, this is already known to us. The reason of this message is the following.

  • Cryptomator uses WebDAV, a filesystemprovider over the network, to show an unencrypted view on your vault. Therefore we have to communicate over the network interface of your pc with itself (no connection to the outer world), the so called localhost.
  • Network connections can be validated that they are secure with certificates, but since cryptomator is not chitchatting to the outer world we can’t have such one. (These certificates are given out from some authorities, but since every computer has the addres localhost to point to himself you can’t get one for this address).
    There exists maybe a workaround, see the github issue.