Create insecure links

I’m new to Cryptomator, I really like Cryptomator and have permission funded, I only use Cryptomator to create a vault in Dropbox on my Mac and create a recovery key, I haven’t unlocked my insurance with Cryptomator on a Mac Vault, but it doesn’t affect my use on iOS, today I want to use Cryptomator to unlock my vault to use on Mac, the “insecure connection” display pops up, and after I click it pops up what registration display, I have no idea about it As far as I know, I haven’t found the relevant guidelines and instructions for this.

PS:I don’t have macFUSE installed because I don’t have the need for a vault to manipulate files above 4GB



Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

See macOS Security Warning on password entry - #2 by infeo regarding this topic.

Thank you very much, I have searched for the problem, but such a problem is more perfect to clarify in the use or support documentation!

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