Mac Silicon devices and security policy


Currently to use Cryptomator on silicon devices users should decrease the security policy. This is a bit of a paradox because someone who cares on having data stored on a vault would have to decrease the securtiy setting for the entire device.

Is this going to chance in the next versions?

Personally I see the benefit of cryptomator but, at the same time, struggle to decrease the overall security on the whole device.


I added a work around I found to this thread this morning (works on my MacBook Pro m1):

Allows me to continue using WebDAV instead of Macfuse and therefore my security policy isn’t changed.

Hope that helps in the interim.


Webdav performance is really unstable. Frequent locks. Only way is to reboot device and pray data didnt corrupt.

Sorry, but im moving away from CM until something more stable is in place.

We’re working on that! See: