Mac App - Excel Won't Save on Box - Help Needed

I have a number of Excel files in a vault on Box using the standard setup. When I save a file Excel gets a spinning beachball and after a long time says it can’t save the file. I have to save the file elsewhere, close Excel, delete the Excel temp files from the vault and then copy the file back into the vault.

This occurs regardless of whether Box is able to sync or whether sync is paused.

This is a practically unworkable solution.

Cryptomator desktop version: 1.3.1 (1007)

Mac OS version: 10.13.1

Excel Version: 15.40 (171108)

Any assistance would be great.

This may have to do with a new WebDAV bug in High Sierra. We also noticed that especially Office does a lot of things while saving a file which can be considered “high load”.

We’ve already filed a bug report to Apple but we didn’t get any response yet.

Thanks @tobihagemann , the key difference here is that the drive did not unmount as it appears to do in the other reported bug.

Exce creates all sorts of excess payload - folders, temp files, and these all get cleaned up if the save completes successfully and the file is closed. They still hang around in this scenario and need to be cleaned up manually.

All right… in this case, I don’t know what could cause this issue. You could update Cryptomator and try again.

Is there anything suspicious in the log file?

The log file linked below is for a complete session - from launching Cryptomator through to generating the error and then closing the vault and quitting Cryptomator.

The issue started around 0625 local time. The file in question is the PlaceName file.

You will no doubt understand that log better than me.

Log File

Hey there! I’ve got the same problem! After opening the Excel-File I am able to save the file into the vault for maybe 1 minute. After that time frame I can’t save the file. I’m getting the error message “Nicht vollständig gespeichert. Datei konnte nicht umbenannt werden. Erneut versuchen?”

macOS 10.13.2/ OneDrive/ Excel 15.41/ Cryptomator 1.3.2 (1046)

I read several postings about problems with MS Office on Mac with Cryptomator (due to WebDAV problems).

It is clear that Apple and/or Microsoft are the culprits. But this does not help us at all. And hoping that they fix something is a weak position.

I read in other posts that it is planned to use, e.g., FUSE. What is the status here? Will there be a release soon which offers the use of this feature?

The FUSE implementation is looking pretty good. We made some good progress and might be able to release a beta in February. We will create a blog post about our foreseeable roadmap soon!

i have the same problem. its on windows and mac. i have the feeling when i let excel idle for some time it doesnt save anymore. maybe it has to do with auto-saves, which fail and then something gets wrong? cause it creates a heap of strange files instead.

When I open a word file with Word 2018 for Mac, it immediately says it’s read-only and I can’t save anything.

Is my problem also related to this WebDAV bug?
I use el Capitan, though.

Yes this is a known issue that is WebDAV-related. Please test 1.4.0 with FUSE.