Lots of empty and orphaned files in Archives.check.txt

Hi there and Happy New Year!
I just ran sanitizer-0.14.jar against a 60 GB backup container and it came back with ~40 empty files and more than 700 orphaned files in Archives.Check.txt.
I haven’t spotted anything missing from this container yet but I have to say this is making me somewhat nervous.
How can I find out what these files are?
Any idea how I may have ended up in this situation?

The problem is, that not all file operations can be performed atomically. For example directories exist of a file AND a directory due to the file system hierarchy flattening explained here.

Orphan directories usually arise from deleting directories, that somehow get partially re-created by bad synchronization. The directory might still exist, but the directory-file got deleted. Doesn’t do any harm, but is a bit annoying.

If files have very long file names, they also stop being created atomically because of the file name shortening, which needs an additional meta data file. If those files are then deleted, the meta data file stays and might become orphan, too. Again: Nothing to worry about. If you have been working a lot with this vault, there might have been 700 temporary files with long names at some point in time.

I see, this makes sense. Thanks for your swift response!
I guess, I’ll keep an eye on this for a while, just to see how things develop.