Java libraries for encryption

Does the Crytpomator use Java encryption libraries for the core AES-GCM/SIV crypto tasks, or do the developers implement some core encryption tasks from the scratch?

Would it be possible to add some information to the manual saying what these libraries are and what their review status is? I can see the source code but there are back referencing.

This way we can see the quality of the underlying crypto libraries and compare with lisodium, libgcrypt, dm-crypt, etc.

Also I am wondering if there is a recovery mode, where if the Cryptomator disappears tomorrow, I could install Java libraries and decrypt the files either directly or using an independent more establish program (basically the Cryptomator would focus on the cloud sync and data organization parts and let the encryption be done by a established well-reviewed program)?

Both questions should be already answered in these posts:

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Yes, thank you. Sorry for having missed them!