What if Cryptomator stopped existing?

Cryptomator is licensed under a Free and Open Source (FOSS) license accepted by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Its whole source code is published on GitHub and legally copied by thousands of developers around the world, including more than one hundred forks on GitHub.

Even if the current Cryptomator core team ceased to exist, it is not possible to prevent other developers from continuing to publish the code or binaries by legal means. So even in the case of an acquisition of Skymatic (the company maintaining the project), Cryptomator can not be erased from the Internet.

Additionally, Cryptomator runs solely on your client and does not need any infrastructure or accounts under our control. While other services may swallow your encryption keys, thus preventing you from accessing your own data, as soon as they decide to change their terms and conditions or shut down completely, this is technically impossible with Cryptomator.