Issues with uploading files via Cryptomator on iOS

Hello friends! I just bought the lifetime license for Cryptomator on my iPhone and I am having trouble with uploading multiple video files.

For the past few hours, I have been testing it by uploading 24 videos of different file sizes. It uploads the small sized video files quickly but oftentimes it just gives up and stops uploading the other files for no reason. Under my files, it just says “waiting…” and I have tried pressing “Retry Uploading” button on the files that say “waiting…” on them to no avail. Though, sometimes it does work and I am able to upload all of my files but when I download them on my laptop to check if the vault works, some of the videos become corrupted and by extension, unplayable. How do I fix this? Do I need to do the shortcut thing? Thank you in advance friends!

Extra info: I am using Google Drive with the vault

Seems to be a common problem. I have the same issue, and there are multiple threads discussing this — with no solution.

Hoping for some fix or workaround soon!