Is there an Android license?

I have just bought the Android version of Cryptomator on my Samsung phone.
However, I have a Chromebook and I want to install the app from the Google Play Store - problem is it’s asking for payment a second time. Do I have to pay twice in order to use the app on my Smartphone and Chromebook? Otherwise, how do I install it on my Chromebook.
Thanks, Ken.

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No, see this topic for more information:

Thanks. How best to initiate a refund?

Send me a direct message with your mail address with which you bought the app or provide the transaction id there.

Side node: if it was about the previous question and there was misunderstanding: you can use the app on any number of devices with which you have logged in with the google account you bought the app.

Email. XXX
Paid via PayPal.
Tried to clear cache as per instructions, same problem.

Transaction ID: 10513945HV718922G

That’s sad to hear that it didn’t worked :confused: .

Initiated the refund and deleted your mail in your post for privacy reasons.

Thanks. Any suggestions, is there a way forward?

You can buy the app using our website ( where Google Playstore isn’t involved and use this license key on any number of devices you own. You can decide then between downloading the APK which has an auto updated included or using F-Droid for keeping the app up to date. Both distribution channels (APK over the website and F-Droid) accept the same license key…

Alright, thanks for that.