Is the AppImage install for Ubuntu meant to be standalone?

I’m trying to get Cryptomator working and I really like what I see.

I am using a fork of Ubuntu (called POP! OS from System76).

Anyways - when I tried to install the software via the terminal install I got an error which was the “cryptomator not found” which I assume relates to this previous forum post.

So, I followed the route of the AppImage which works great - but - it appears that I have to “install” the programme each time or am I mistaken on how an AppImage works? Is the Cryptomator AppImage meant to be executed each time on my machine, i.e. it is not meant to be hard installed?


In short: Yes.

You don’t install the AppImage everytime. You execute it in the sense that the appImage is a closed container which is mounted every time in readonly mode you want to use it. By this container approach it is of course highly portable and you could just copy the appImage file and execute it on another machine.

For higher system integration you need a deamon process which keeps track of your installed appImages, but that’s just a facade to the appimages.