Is Big Sur "officially" supported by Cryptomator?

From I can read that minimum requirement, for macOS, is 10.11.
From I can read that maximum requirement is 10.15 (Catalina).

So the question is: is Big Sur officially supported? The question is related in some ways even with FUSE: last FUSE release for Mac, 3.11.2, I don’t know if it’s compatibile with Big Sur seen that FUSE community gives a generic macOS 10.5 minimum requirement.
It’s a very critical thing as all my data are encrypted with Cryptomator.


Your 2nd link refers to Cryptomator Version 1.4.x and is outdated.
As far as I know Big Sur is supported. But there are problem reported with 3rd party app FUSE if not updated to the very latest developer version. I’m assuming there will be a new release of FUSE for Big Sure in the near future.
So if you are using FUSE as vault file system, please read here: Big Sur - Cannot open vault anymore
(Disclaimer: I do not use macOS.)

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.