iOS app - workflow to edit a Word doc in a Cryptomator vault?

Trying to wrap my head around the iOS app and what worflow might look like. I can connect to OneDrive via the iOS app and add/unlock a Cryptomator vault. If I tap on a Word doc (.docx), it opens up in a preview. What would the workflow be like if I wanted to edit that doc and have it saved in-place within the Cryptomator vault?

Right now, I can click “send to” and there’s an option for “copy to Word” and it does indeed open up read-only in Word. There’s a “save a copy” option.

So what’s the optimal workflow for editing a Word doc (.docx) in-place in a Cryptomator vault in iOS?

You’re absolutely right that this is somewhat mind-boggling at the moment. As you’ve already found out, you have to use the share functionality on iOS to export/import files from/to Cryptomator in order to edit files in other apps. The workflow (and wording) in Word isn’t the best but “Share -> Send a Copy -> Send with Another App” is the correct action to export a Word file to Cryptomator.

We absolutely know that there’s room for improvement and we plan to add the open/move operations in a future version. That means, editing a Word file inside a Cryptomator vault in-place is currently not possible.

Pro tip: If you’re in the share dialog, use “Save to Cryptomator” at the bottom row (the row with the gray icons). The bottom row has all the so-called app extensions that are called from within the host app (in this case, Word app). Of course, you can also use “Copy to Cryptomator” from the top row but that opens up Cryptomator and would therefore leave Word.
In short: If you’d like to stay inside the Word app, use the app extension. :grin:

Thank you for your reply. I can understand your directions on how to save a new document into Cryptomator from Microsoft Word. I am able to do that successfully.

My main question is when I open a document up into Word from the Cryptomator iOS app. When it opens up into Word, it is “read only” and it says you need to “save a copy” which is the normal file save options in Word, not the “share” options that allow you to save in Cryptomator. So do you need to save a copy off into a different unencrypted location…edit it…then “share” it to Cryptomator…then go back and delete the unencrypted copy?

That’s right if you mean that Word is the unencrypted location. Not sure what Microsoft intended to achieve with the whole “read-only” workflow in Word but that’s how it is. :sweat_smile: But yeah, due to the missing “open” operation the file in question needs to be a copy for the editing app (e.g., Word) that you have to manually clean up.

Is there any better way to open word file just like desktop version,

By now the only solution is to copy the file to word with read mode only, after saving with copy of this file, and it can edit, with edit and send back to Cryptomator for saving file process, firstly it will led to have two file with same name or you can manually rename it, and once you edit with all above procdure, the file number will be plus one. Secondly, all these procedure above it will led to left a decrypty version of the file in ipad word app interier space or icloud, the you have to delete manually, and this procdure will cause the file to be decrypted with out any protection and can be easily recovered by file recovery software with scaning delete space method

And also I looking forword to seeing the fucntion of download the encrypt vault to offline access conventiently (the best fuctionality of desktop verson).

Maybe this would be solved if Cryptomator app is supporting iOS Files App.
Are there any plans supporting Files App on iOS?

right, just wanted to write the post about editing any file in iOS app, but than I found this. Seems like this is very limiting usage of cloud with Cryptomator at all. Current workflow to edit Numbers document is: Cryptomator, unlock vault, find the file
2. share the file and choose copy to Numbers and… NOW I EXPOSED THE FILE SINCE IT GOT SAVED IN iCLOUD UNENCRYPTED FOLDER!!!
3. edit what you need
4. share the file and choose Save to Cryptomator
5. save the file to designated location, hit overwrite
6. go back to iCloud drive and delete the file saved unencrypted in iCloud
7. go to web iCloud version and delete the “recently deleted folder”
8. then request your data from Apple and viola! your just have a proof you exposed the file to anyone able to access your iCloud drive :frowning:

So at the moment I consider price of iOS app as a support for future development, but this is way too complicated to be actually used in real world.
So far great work guys, really appreciate Cryptomator exists and looking forward to version that will be easier to use on iOS.

I’ve been using Cryptomator on Android – where file editing is possible: In app.
Now, after my switch to iOS, I bought the Cryptomator app to learn its not possible to edit.
Will this feature be added in future? I was always using it on Android.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Please have a look into our roadmap: We’re currently rewriting our iOS app so that “…Cryptomator will be fully integrated into the Files app. This comes with many benefits like thumbnails, support for third-party apps that can edit files directly inside the vault, and many more!..”.

This will still take time but will be worth the wait.

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Thak you @SailReal – sounds pretty awesome to me.
I see my payment as a donation then.
Cant wait to get the new version though. Any info on an estimated release date?

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Is there any news about editing simple .txt files on iOS?

I’ve moved from Android to iOS and this feature would make me buy the iOS license or not :confused:

Using a 3rd party txt editor is not an option for me, as I’m writing my diary, and I want to be 100% sure that only cryptomator reads what I write.

That’s up to Apple since Cryptomator is now fully integrated into the Files app. I can recommend ‎Subtext on the App Store. The app is only 445.4 KB in size (which is unheard of) and it’s probably the simplest text editor that you can find.

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