Android app - workflow to edit a Word doc in a Cryptomator vault?


I realize this is an iOS thread and this is an Android follow-up.

A primary reason I am seeking an alternative to Boxcryptor is their Android app (which I believe ought to be completely re-architected and re-built). Their windows app works great, by comparison.

I’ve had a scan through this topic and, before I spend the princely sum of $16.99, I’d like to know, for certain, if what got me fed-up with Boxcryptor will also exist in Cryptomator. That is, can I save (for instance) a new MS Word doc, on Android, directly from the Word app to the Cryptomator vault? Or will have to do the painful “save to an unencrypted location, then, outside of Word, copy it to the vault” workflow that I must follow in Boxcryptor? What about editing a file that aready exists in the vault?

Also, does the performance (copy, write, fname change, etc.) of cryptomator on Android depend on the vault size? That is, does the performance degrade in a way correlated to the size of the vault contents?

Thanks for any guidance.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

No, this requires a feature named document provider which is not yet fully implemented.

We implemented a workaround to edit them directly, this is currently under testing, see here for further information:

Copy, write, fname change, not, only the time to list a specific folder can increase depending on the cloud server when you have a lot of files/folders in it.

Hey @SailReal,

I appreciate the quick reply; with that info I can decide what I will do.

Looks like you folks in Cryptomator dev are running into the same Android obstacles as Boxcryptor development, which makes sense.